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We do. Well, in Jersey.
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Post Production

Winter is a beautiful thing. Embrace the elements, enjoy the intrepid feeling of tackling the season head on.

Jersey’s visitor campaign needed a push to capture the hearts and minds of winter short breakers. Our brief - to get people to stay and love winter by creating a film that would capture the magic of the season in Jersey.

Winter in Jersey brings drama, beauty and a sense of freshness that doesn’t just blow away the cobwebs, it invigorates the soul. It’s the blast of crisp winter air straight from the sea, filling your lungs and you with a renewed appreciation for that ‘fresh air’ your mother was always telling you about. We wanted to capture these feelings to ensure that Jersey’s shoulder months were enticing to visitors and locals alike.

Our filming captures character - and characters. Which means it needs to be authentic. Love Winter was shot over a real Jersey weekend with local volunteers, not models or actors. That way we knew we’d get honest, heartfelt reactions and true feelings. Because genuine emotions are infectious.


The 90s film was segmented into short edits and aligned with a campaign resulting in locals loving winter and visitor numbers on the up.

To capture the authentic proposition, we shot the Love Winter mini adventure over an action-packed 48 hours in November. Extensive pre-production ensured we captured a full spectrum of content, and local knowledge enabled us to cast the right couple for the role.

From wrapping up for beach walks, winter sunrises punctuated with a morning run, a hot tub under the night sky and fireside suppers at a seaside cottage, our crew’s shooting style and approach put the cast at ease allowing them to throw themselves into the Love Winter experience and let us capture the true beauty of Jersey out of season.

‘The team were amazing’




our wrap up

When working with real people - spend time, get to know them and enjoy the process.

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