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case study

ST Dupont

Worlds within worlds.

Creating the Hyperdome.


Concept development
3D animation
Launch campaign

Hyper is a prefix that instantly adds more. More energy, more excitement, going over and above the ordinary and into the realms of the exceptional. Add hyper to life and you get a sense of a life enhanced - a life that’s vibrant, exciting, hedonistic and full of energy.

We chose to name this watch range with a confident term that will appeal to Millennials, living lives online, sharing and projecting their reality. It aligns the product with aspirational life values and life choices, and reunites a community of people who share a #hyperlife. It works in English, French and in our client’s Asian target markets. Move over hypercool and hyperbranché, it’s time for #hyperlife.

The watch’s USP, a dome was central to the concept. So we named it, made the dome a world of its own, and then built a world within a world that became the catalyst for the content. Welcome to the Hyperdome.

The viewer is taken on an immersive abstract adventure through the virtual world of the watch. The watch structure, movement and materials have been rendered in exacting materials so that we can use CGI, SFX, lighting and assets to tell the story inside the watch.


Our brief: to make the watch’s dome central to the concept. We made it a world of its own and then built a world within a world that became the catalyst for the content.

Take the watch’s dome, build transparent worlds that look modern and contemporary and create worlds within worlds. This enabled us to deliver a modern concept that was as characterful as the product design. Our result - the product becomes the catalyst for the content and the dome becomes the transition between the concept and telling the story.

An extensive chalk render ‘sketch’ storyboard to present the concept in detail to the client.  Above is a snapshot of the storyboarding process. how we introduced the product and moved through the dome world scenarios into the product range reveal and call to action.

A world within a watch. The hero CGI edit took viewers inside the watch’s Hyperdome where futuristic urban lifestyles came to life alongside an irresistibly catchy custom track - crucial to the engagement with a new international Millennial audience.



When developing a concept, think big, be brave and orchestrate the talent.