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Visit jersey

Delivering an island to a modern audience.

We admire spirit. A small island with a big ambition was our reason to work alongside the team at Visit Jersey. 


Web design
Website structuring
Media library

Jersey needed to adapt to meet the target of encouraging 1,000,000 visitors by 2030. Delivering a content platform site (and the content) that would allow traditional and new visitors to discover Jersey and be inspired meant we had to work hard. Very hard.

We're talking morning, noon and night - often well after midnight when it cane to tidying up post location capture.

By the way, when we talk about Jersey, we mean the original Jersey. An amazing little place, once a village in the sea, now a jewel in the British crown and a sparkle in the finance industry's eye. This is Jersey’s moment to regenerate its tourism industry to its former glory. It’s also where our studio is based, our home, our sanctuary, our illicit child we all love so much.

Responsive tourism.

We spent 12 months battling weather, permissions, model excuses, expectations, sluggish seasons and that's just the start. We had to be responsive and pretty much on call and en garde at all times. Why? Passion - our intrepid studio constantly striving to dish up Jersey for a new world of visitors to see. 

A sum of many parts

Beautiful photography, seasonal film capture, post production, research, considered copywriting and tone of voice? Check.

Like all good travel, organisation and planning make for a smooth journey into storytelling content.

Smart filters

We wanted to keep the industry happy by matching the right people with the right products. Smart filters that are easy to use on the go. Result: everyone’s happy.

Convenient discovery

It’s good to give spontaneity a helping hand. Introducing a way for visitors to go deeper with a listings function, creating opportunities for location-based discoveries and rewarding the intrepid.

Destination wrapped up

A never-ending story

Content designed, written, photographed and filmed by us - curating the benefits of Jersey for easy observation; local secrets, places to go, places to see, things to do, itinerary suggestions and location guides.

COpywriting | Photography | Film

Content in the lap of the Great British weather gods?

What a responsibility. Not only did we curate the site structure but we were also responsible for the content planning and execution. We’re not just talking white sandy beaches and azure blue skies. Hell no, that would be far too easy. 

The all important shoulder months have so much to offer. We worked tirelessly against the Great British weather gods to ensure that the real Jersey was on visitors' radars through the seasons.

Tough yes, up for it, hell yes!

Featured articles
Ambassador Narratives
It’s more than just words.

Who better to write the site-wide copy, features, articles and ambassador stories than a writer working hand in hand, deep in the studio that designs, problem-solves, captures, edits, and delivers all the content?

So much content out there.

Jersey had to stand out on an international stage. Careful location scouting and model casting to ensure we framed a true representation of the island was our responsibility, married to the awesome photographers and our lifelong extended family at StudioM. This relationship with our team and people is what makes us tick.

Staying true to our vision.

We love film - storytelling in its most pure form in our minds. We researched and developed each and every short film into a real story, whether that was capturing the cold dramatic winter, telling Ambassador stories or shooting media library B-roll. We were there, driven by a passion to ensure an island so beautiful was served up in each and every frame.

Alex book

'It was a privilege to partner with The Observatory on a project as critical to Jersey’s future as defining and expressing its brand.

Their breathtaking films brought the idea at the heart of the Jersey brand strategy into sharp, vivid focus, and perfectly communicated the emotional allure of #theislandbreak. Fantastic creative work, and a pleasure to work with.'

jersey ambassadors

Connections with real people and authentic stories.

Why Ambassadors?
People connect with people

Who better to champion the island than islanders who love it here? We found real Jersey characters whose passion and love for Jersey shone out, and filmed them doing - and talking about - what they love best. Enthusiasm’s contagious and these feel-good stories get to the beating heart of what makes Jersey special. From all-weather swimmers to cliff-top shepherds, naturalists, deli-owners and rockclimbers, our ambassador stories let visitors see island life through the lens of locals.

Meet Jordan
Meet aaron
Meet sophie
Meet eleanor
Meet paul
Meet sally
Meet bill
Meet vicky
Meet julie

‘Like many other people, I’m not altogether at home in the limelight. That wasn’t an issue with The Observatory - they quickly put me at ease and the first time I saw the finished video a lump came to my throat. That takes some doing!’ 

Aaron Le Couteur
Visit Jersey Ambassador

Adam Caerlewy-Smith
Head of Marketing
Visit Jersey

'Local people are our biggest asset, both in front of the camera and as the storytellers behind it. Working together with a world class content agency and featuring islanders who are passionate about Jersey, we can capture the heart of what makes Jersey such an awesome destination.’


Reasons, not seasons. Travel's changed. It's time for destinations to catch up.

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