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Shaking things up for a rum brand with bottle.
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Brand Evolution
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Working with founders who have a clear vision of where they’re going, and the spirit and imagination to push it through is where we do great work. Fired up by Tidal Rum’s success, we’ve elevated the brand with a raft of new assets and approaches and routes into content production to capture the imagination of brand new audiences, thirsty for a brand new sustainable premium rum brand. And we’d be lying if we said we didn’t love all the tasting.

We didn’t want to disturb the quality work done by Lewis Moberly. We evolved it, with a strong messaging framework, design system and content to rocket their rum to the next level. Try it, you might like it as much as we do.

People want to be part of something. Not just the product, but the world it represents. In developing the content and positioning for The Tidal Rum, our main focus was on creating an environment where audiences could recognise themselves within the brand and buy into its trailblazing, rum-more-refined spirit.


We gravitate towards people, or brands that we share something with - values, a view of the world, or a shared spirit.

“The sense of adventure and freedom that the sea awakens in us all is something we wanted to capture in the subtle, coastal flavours of Tidal Rum. We now have
a design system, translatable to all assets, that helps us take our audience on
that journey.”

Ben Clyde-Smith and Harry Coulthard, Tidal founders.

When you’re setting out to refine and redefine a whole spirits sector, like The Tidal Rum, it never hurts to have plenty of merch and collaborations to upsell at the same time. Enter the collab with Budgy Smugglers, and ‘The Tidal Bum’. As seen on all good salty derrières this summer…


We love founders with spirit. When they’ve bottled
that spirit, and are ready to make waves,
it’s even better.

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