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It’s the little things.

What should child psychology look like in the 21st century?
Brighter, smarter and on-demand. Of course.
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Let’s leave Sigmund Freud locked in a musty office, and open the door to on-demand child psychology that works for real people with real lives.

How would child psychology look if it was designed by parents for parents? That’s what Child and Educational Psychologist Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell asked herself, and came up with the first online, on-demand child psychology platform in the world. Then she asked us to help her deliver it.

Were we up for repositioning a whole sector? Hell yeah. Our brief was to help Sam bring clarity to her vision for The Little Psychology Co. and develop a positive, online space that would be as friendly, honest and approachable as the service itself.

TLPCo. offers easy, friendly, face to face support, guidance and reassurance from professional child psychologists. And all bookable and available through your phone, laptop or computer, wherever and whenever you need it.

Disruptors don’t always need to be disruptive. Launching a brand new, user-first reboot of traditional child psychology services, TLPCo. needed to create a positive online space where parents would feel safe and reassured. So that’s what we did.


‘An experience that feels as easy,
natural and familiar as talking to a friend’.

Soft, welcoming colours, a trustworthy serif typemark and a friendly tone of voice reassured from the get-go. Hand-drawn illustrations were brought to life with subtle movement, micro-animations and parallax transitions for an intuitively responsive and modern CX. The colours of the site were designed to crossfade on scroll so the site would feel less formal, less structured and more immersive.

A simple, intuitive booking system gives users the confidence to access face-to-face time with a professional within a few clicks. Interactive animations decoded psychological jargon with warm, friendly language, while a founder film broke down the barriers and gave parents the reassurance of ‘meeting’ the people behind the brand.

And… we won an award.

Global giant Elementor picked TLPCo. as one of the five winners of their 2020 Global Showcase and said some very nice things about us (thanks guys, we’re blushing),  

In an on-demand world, it’s good to know that we’ve played our part in dragging psychology, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. And there’s been an hugely positive sentiment towards brand and proposition from the real audience - parents and families. Because sometimes it really is the little things that make the biggest difference to everyone’s lives.


Don’t just challenge the status quo.
Change it.

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