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By 2050?

The world will use twice as much energy as we use today. What’s the plan?
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We must act now to secure new sources of clean, renewable energy. Strada is a game-changing company with unique technology that can help to solve the world’s critical infrastructure challenges and provide safe, fast access to geothermal energy anywhere in the world.

Rather than focusing on their technology, we put their Why front and centre, positioning Strada as the mavericks ready to change the world with a rallying call for a sustainable future. Strada’s strong identity and bold visual language captures what it stands for, as well as what it’s selling.

Being an authentic brand with a real story resonates with people. Strada have that story. We brought it to life with an approach that makes a powerful case for protecting the planet with a new world solution to energy.


Geothermal energy is the most important power source of the future, but currently the least developed. It’s time for that to change.

Strada are accelerating the transition to clean, zero-carbon energy with smart new technology that solves the challenges of drilling and makes reliable geothermal power a reality. Strada’s purpose defines the proposition. We produced an engineered brand design, language and materials reflecting ethical insights and considered solutions, custom-designed for a client that wants to change the world for the better.

‘F*cking fantastic.’

Ben strange


The icon consists of the synthesis of a structural directional frame. The idea here is to transmit the essence of Strada's technology and knowledge with an iconic, clean and strong concept that speaks to their audiences on a psychological level.



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Gamechanger? Claim it. Build purpose into your projects, and you’ll achieve far greater cut through.

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