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sT Dupont / paris

Luxury with legacy.

Invigorating a brand whilst understanding the patrimonial heritage.
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What we did

Concept development
Location planning

A bespoke library of content, with the polish of heritage, craft and passion that sets ST Dupont apart, reminding customers that they’re not just buying a product, but membership of an elite club that includes iconic screen legends and world leaders. An exceptional pedigree for exclusively high quality products.

A 144-year-old visionary company with the savoir-faire to craft objects of desire, coveted by the elite. Exceptional materials are prized for their quality, artisans are celebrated as artists and authentic history and heritage are ingrained in every process. We took this history and produced modern content that could be used on all digital and offline channels.

‘In luxury, passion and dreaming are as important as functionality.’

To tell the story of ST Dupont, we first had to understand the voice of the brand. We spent time with ST Dupont’s president and key team to learn about their company, how they speak, where they come from and where they want to be.
Location, location, location(s).

Before any capture, we spent extensive time resourcing, researching, scouting and securing appropriate locations and models. We travelled to the Paris HQ where the ST Dupont historical archive is, and the heart of Saint-Germain and spent time filming  at the brand’s atelier in Faverges on the shores of Lake Annecy.

We made sure we understood their story, learning to speak in their language, with all its pedigree and tone of voice first before any capture or acquisition took place.

Emotional connections.

Once the pre-production was complete, we retold the story of ST Dupont with rich digital content, engaging the senses and reinforcing the emotional connection to their talisman-like objects.

Telling stories that would create brand experiences and immerse viewers in the world of ST Dupont, from technique and tradition to the tactile experience of owning an object of desire.

Capturing the imagination.

We delivered emotional content which plays to the explorer within us, taking the viewer on an experiential journey through macro perspectives of textures and processes, always returning to ST Dupont’s patrimonial French identity.

Visual continuity.

Artfully crafting and extending the ST Dupont visual content into highly polished, enchanting copy, designs, pre-produced photography and film allowed us to express the true attention to detail, the skill and craftsmanship of the artisans and individuals who bring these sophisticated products to life, whilst maintaining continuity with all offline content.



The Art of Fire


The Art of Seduction


The Art of Travel


The Art of Writing
End to end content.

Copywriting, design styles, photography and films were produced with the same craft, passion and attention to detail as ST Dupont products, all stitched together with the art of the exceptional, like a thread running through every communication both online and offline.

This approach ensured the brand had a structured, clear formula for the announcement of their eCommerce platform along with social media content, look book, POS and brand-wide literature with continuity.


L’Art  de Vivre.


L’Art  de Vivre.

As a luxury brand, it’s not what you are. It’s what you stand for. Consumers are drawn to brands that share their beliefs and forge a deeper connection with them. We isolated their focus on sustainability and created an additional Art to add to their four production Arts, called L’Art de Vivre, or the art of living well. Enjoying the present while acting responsibly for future generations.

Some moments are worth holding on to.

alain Crevet
President, S.T. Dupont

‘I only just had to make one briefing / presentation to The Observatory team, and it was great to see how fast they were able to capture the S.T. Dupont Brand DNA, and our exceptional know-how into a living brand content – both through very well-written body-copy and powerful/relevant photos and films.

Our brief clearly highlighted our will to combine the traditional/historical aspect of our Maison Dupont (from almost 145 years of history) with the “new luxury” contemporary vision of our Brand. The Observatory understood immediately our brief and their professional/global approach made us save time and move faster towards the right creative propositions.

The Observatory fully understood S.T. Dupont strategy and impressed us with their ability to embrace it and translate it into strong words and visuals. One of The Observatory’s key strengths was to create/deliver new Brand assets to reach and attract a younger clientele for Dupont, also striking the right balance between tradition and modernity to create the new Dupont lifestyle. We were delighted by our collaboration, it has been extremely professional, and it met our highest expectations.’


People don’t connect to brands. They connect to the way brands make them feel.

the observatory