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nihon / japan

Japan is under attack.

The time has come to fight.
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what we did


Galvanising an ancient culture against a new threat by positioning a brand as a warrior.

Japanese cyber security firm Nihon needed to galvanise large corporations to fight the threat of cyber terrorism, instead of trying to conceal data breaches out of fear of losing face. So we positioned Nihon as warriors safeguarding the nation’s reputation, culture and national pride with cultural symbolism that reflected their purpose and approach.

Traditional symbols, kanji and hanko designs are teamed with a dynamic and culturally resonant palette - red symbolising authority, presence and power, contrasted with the purity of white and an edge of black to symbolise dignity and formality.

The three pillars of Nihon: Confidentiality, Trust and Protection were represented by a hanko. Powerful and individual, a hanko is a key feature in Japanese culture from business seals to individual signatures, and instantly conveys authority, formality and the assurance of action.



Our brand device evoked a contemporary version of Samurai armour, able to deliver superior strength and protection when interlocked together; a shield that can grow and adapt into a number of shapes and surfaces.

Together, the main brand device and the three sub-icons create a unique, memorable identity for Nihon. Tradition and technology fit together in one versatile master identity. Horizontal or vertical, reversed or as a full colour brand, this iconography combines the subtlety of Eastern symbolism with the full force of Western intent.

‘Combining the subtlety of Eastern symbolism with the full force of Western intent’




our wrap up

Cyber terrorism is more than a series of targeted attacks on businesses and organisations. It goes far deeper than that.

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