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High time for a rebrand for the first licensed CBD growers in the UK


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A global CBD industry projected to reach £17 billion in the next five years. An online space peppered with pirates and rogue brands. Time to get creative.

After all, we did have the first British CBD brand to rebrand. Home-grown premium CBD, 100% organic and with a fantastic story. Should have been easy right?

It’s never that simple. Along with repositioning CBD in people’s minds, dispelling the myths, growing visibility, awareness and getting consumer buy-in, there was a catch. No mainstream digital advertising routes at all.  So the brand story, strategy, content, positioning and delivery had to be powerful enough to get Jersey Hemp noticed - for all the right reasons.  Want to know how we did it? Keep reading.

Challenge accepted.

Positioning British-grown CBD head and shoulders above the competition while keeping our claims legal? It needed a grassroots approach.

Time to harvest a compelling founder backstory, identify an approach built on care, trust and sustainability, reach out to influencers and champion provenance and pedigree through a beautifully connected brand ecosystem.

Our aim: to make it easy for people to emotionally invest in the brand and communicate high quality and sustainability at every touchpoint.

Cultivating a new aesthetic.

First step: breaking the stigma of CBD’s cannabis confusion. The answer? Content. A sunrise to sunset photography, film and drone shoot to capture the CBD lifecycle from plant to product, soil to science.

Natural footage and imagery captured the team during the hemp harvest, documented Jersey Hemp’s soil rejuvenation process, their extraction processes and included lifestyle content and simple product shots.

Working fast with directors and copywriters alongside filmmakers and photographers, we harvested founder stories, interviews and data to inform the next stages of brand and content design and delivery.


The real deal. So claim it.

We love words. But not as much as we love great design. That’s why when it came to telling the story of Jersey Hemp’s circular farming systems and sustainability, it had to be a single, connected, beautiful design to claim ownership of their unique USP.  

We devised a series of 10 hand-drawn icons to bring an individual identity to Jersey Hemp’s different sectors and consumer interaction points, from soil and seed to science, education and community.

The ecosystem icons beautifully futureproofed the Jersey Hemp brand story, and gave the brand ownership of a versatile and instantly identifiable suite of assets to be used online and offline. From website and social feeds to merchandise, brochures and exhibition stands, the Jersey Hemp ecosystem set the brand apart. Our favourite application? Laser-etched into live edge timber - Jersey oak of course - and used as the centrepiece table (and talking point) for Jersey Hemp’s exhibition stand.

Created with care, good for you and the environment. Carefully chosen lifestyle photography, natural product shots and a friendly, honest and trustworthy tone of voice across all communications helped the brand take the customer on the journey.

As the first British-grown CBD brand to be able to prove their claims of purity and quality from seed to sale, we needed to make sure Jersey Hemp owned that space.

In a six-month sprint, we produced a vast raft of targeted content and communications, all backed up with premium design that championed the brand’s USP at every turn.

Here’s the science bit.

Any product is only as good as the sum of its parts. Which was why it was so important to produce a full suite of assets and communications that would educate, reassure and engage with Jersey Hemp’s target consumers.

And not only that. We were delighted with the positive reaction to Jersey Hemp’s strong brand identity and positioning, which earned it a place on the shelves of many of the UK’s premium stores - including Selfridges.

A good brand doesn’t just live online. Keeping the first British CBD brand in people’s minds involved making sure they saw it everywhere. Here are some of our favourite merchandise best sellers.


‘Knocked it out of the park.’

Craig Dempster - CEO

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