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case study

Hyperdome / Launch

The start of a movement.

No pressure.


Concept development
3D Animation
Pack renders
Launch campaign

An exciting opportunity for ST Dupont to target Millennials and engage with a new global audience.
We saw this not only as a powerful addition to the ST Dupont collections, but a catalyst to stimulate desire from a brand new target consumer.

We identified the new target audience through our insights and discovery, and designed, named, created and delivered Hyperdome - a modern, content-first launch campaign that aligned through digital, social, offline and POS. Fast-paced, spirited, energetic, extreme, charged, exhilarating - Hyper captures all the dynamic energy and excitement of the concept and links it to the dome, the contemporary structure that brings it all together. It’s an emotion, a mood, an esprit, that anyone can access.

After a consulting round of multiple concept titles, Hyperdome was agreed by the board as the new title for their first watch product.

Hyperpolished CG production and polished delivery targeted a young affluent Asian market and distinguished the Hyperdome away from traditional ST Dupont content types without losing any of their pedigree.

Design is at the heart of the concept. Why? Because designing a concept world creates content that can be used across the client’s content systems, turning connections into conversions.

We designed the UX and UI for the launch microsite in five languages. The look and feel of the microsite was intended to differentiate the Hyperdome watch launch, creating a separate hub that was still connected to the global commerce site.


Content needs the right platform to be seen properly.
Our next task was to create launch content, point of sale displays, social campaigns and advertising concepts for
the Korea, Hong Kong and Paris launch.

Working with our CGI and design team, we extended the Hyperdome range from concepts into reality, creating point of sale displays using key elements from the film. Working to support the client’s Paris and UK digital teams, we produced the launch raft of social media campaigns and content, extending the six Hyperdome watch personalities into engaging identities. We also created the launch press release, CG pack shots and renders plus a full guide for influencers to ensure that the Hyperdome launch style and content was on point.

Grabbing the attention of a new generation required some colour studies. After extensive research into millennial-flavoured colour palettes we decided on a vibrant neon colour scheme to open the eyes of the viewer and add energy and character to the concept.

Extensive modelling, texturing, material studies resulted in hyperreal and very polished pack shots that delivered a diverse range of content for the campaign in Korea, Hong Kong and Paris.

Each watch has a distinct personality. These personalitiies were visualised and aligned with an influencer campaign which delivered fantastic results in engagement, visibility and sales.



Small teams are best to work on big challenges.

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