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genesis av

A connected brand.

Connecting a brand to seamlessly integrate life and sound.


Brand manifestation
Data visualisation

A connected brand in all senses. In an increasingly conscious consumer landscape, brands are no longer defined by their output, but rather by what they choose to explore. Lifestyle brands communicate a message that is greater than themselves.

Genesis needed a way to create an emotional connection before consumers even encountered their premium audiovisual brands. Our branding was designed to tell the story of sound, its influence on us, the role it plays in changing situations and the transformative power of music to make us truly feel something. A cultural relevance which will live on beyond the lifetime of any of its products.

A suite of new iconography links premium lifestyle with product and creates clarity and structure to the Genesis proposition with accessibility for a new generation of consumer.



Music is the universal language that makes the brain light up with emotion, creation and energy. We focused on that unique spot, the hairs-rising-on-the-back-of the-neck-moment where experience and emotion meet. Finely tuned for goosebumps.

Lifestyle brands are defined by the boldness with which they represent a value system, a way of life. Our Genesis brand positioning is unashamedly emotional, focusing on what quality means to its audience and amplifying its desirability to draw consumers into their world and ignite a desire to know more.

Imaginative lifestyle brands need an imaginative environment. The Genesis brand leverages its strength with consistent design messaging across all touch points.



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