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Making the everyday extraordinary.

Aligning a global portfolio of diverse lifestyle brands and more than 8,000 people under one uniting concept that celebrates common values and sets out a clear vision and goal for the future.
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what we did

Concept development
Location Planning

Rapid business growth can risk leaving your people behind. When leading global consumer goods group Fiskars doubled their headcount with a portfolio of new brands including Wedgwood and Waterford, their employee culture became fragmented.

We were approached to define a strategic idea with a considered creative and content delivery to reunite Fiskars Group brands through an internal employment re-engagement initiative.

Considered design, quality craftsmanship and trusted heritage connects the Fiskars brands to the important things in life. They become a lifestyle enhancer, with emotionally rich experiences curated through the medium of beautifully designed products that resonate with people’s values.

making the everyday extraordinary

Building a family of the most iconic lifestyle brands to catch our opportunity.

A reason to re-engage

In a three-month sprint we came up with a simple, universal concept, created strategic content to tell the story and then designed the channel to distribute it. The result; four short films with complementary product, location and portrait photography, a board level roadshow presentation deck and a global microsite platform for distribution and a series of offline print materials.

Back to the roots

We went back to the source to identify the common denominator across the group; a workforce of artisan craftsmen who felt unsettled by rapid growth. Global trends such as ‘time is the new luxury’ and an appreciation for beauty and craft provided us with a way to champion the craftsmen. Simple effective storytelling content deployed across internal channels brought the Fiskars values to life as well as creating legacy content to deepen connections with employees.

how we did it

Working as a single team of strategists and storytellers, we channeled a creative idea into visual content straight away, testing storyboards, casting documents and narratives to ensure ideas would translate internationally.

Once relationships had been forged with each organisation, a small crew travelled to five different international locations to film, photograph and capture stories in natural work and leisure settings. We maximised these opportunities to capture brand film content, creating scenarios, expanding locations and recruiting local characters to feature in the hero edit.

Everyone has a story.
Meet Bruce
When we saw a shot of a tattooed arm working on a finely gilded teacup on Wedgwood’s website, we knew we had to know more. Bruce turned out to be a bit of a legend - a Ducati-owning softly-spoken bodybuilder who was incredibly passionate about his art.

We worked closely with him to calm his nerves, revealing the real Bruce and turning his personal thoughts and reflections into a naturally-worded narrative that he felt confident voicing.
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Meet Taija
Talia’s story began at Fiskars HQ in Helsinki and took us 300 miles north to the historic glass factory at Ittala where glass starts life as the finest sand from the ocean bed.

To ensure we captured natural reactions and to break the ice, we got hands-on with a giant sand mountain and a shovel to create a very different photoshoot.
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Meet Petteri
We worked with Fiskars’ Head of Design - and onetime Finnish wood chopping champion - to capture his story in his own words.

Filmed on location at his weekend cabin to make sure he felt at home, there were no pieces to camera, no scripts, simply a natural environment with a film crew who know how to put people at their ease and draw out their personality.
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End to end capture and delivery.

Our intensive capture was edited on location and segmented into content to be deployed for immediate internal and external engagement. During all capture, a designer was simultaneously working on distribution platforms to plug content into; a whitelisted employees-only microsite to encapsulate the hero film and all ambassador content and messaging, a global brand roadshow and a series of offline print materials.

Simple effective storytelling content deployed across internal channels brought the Fiskars values to life as well as creating legacy content to deepen connections with global employees.


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