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enriched media

Change the status quo.

Or become it.
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what we did


Enriched Media is a rare breed, an independent film production and investment company that has contacts in all the major international studios. They needed a brand to match their fast, disruptive and no-bullsh*t approach.

That’s where we came in.

We designed a stand-out 3D brand device that could be animated into motion stings, brought to life with CGI and laser cut into printed communications.


Enriched are connectors. So their brand should reflect that. We stripped back the Enriched Media name into the initials - E and M and showed them as similar three-stroke forms able to interlink and connect with a simple rotation.

A brand that looks just as good when the lights go down.

'They see the big picture'

Phil Burgin


You always recognise the form of the brand, but the manifestation is agile and adaptable. After all, as an entertainment brand, Enriched's remit is to bring drama and theatre to their viewers.


our wrap up

In a crowded marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.

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