case study


New beginnings.

Leveraging provenance and daring to invent a different future.



How do you stand out in a content-cluttered world where everyone claims to ‘be different’ but no-one  is brave enough to make a statement?

Visionary transformations happen when challenges are reframed, identifying opportunities to bypass the competition and reset expectations. Enhance are a confident client with the pedigree and vision to think broadly and create a long term perspective. We wanted our work with them to be a visual representation of their ambition for the future, not the past.

We presented a modern Enhance, calling on our experience of international branding over the last 20 years to evolve a new brand architecture that delivers a digital approach through a considered design ecosystem.

Adding value is just one part of the equation. Our brand design system grew from the client’s proposition of maximising opportunities, evolving from mathematical symbols to create a distinct new identity for Enhance - clean, clear and succinct.

A vibrant colour palette differentiates each sector, while staying relevant to a modern audience and true to the client’s agile, independent culture. The brand visual language then translates directly into data visualisation.


A new brand strategy, design language system and a series of sleek and user-friendly communications that fit comfortably within a modern customer landscape.

This modern design system complements the brand on all levels. As a next step, we recommended plotting data into the design so the concept becomes a visual representation of specific data sets. Then move this design system and data sets into Cinema 4D, generating a dynamic brand that can be customised and animated. To us, this is the business value of design, being able to step outside the space occupied as a company and thinking more about customer goals than market segments.

‘Strategically focused’




The opposite of bravery is not cowardice, but conformity.

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