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Subverting Monotony

Creating a design vocabulary.
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Design Vocabulary

Adno needed a strong visual vocabulary which worked as a family.  That’s how we managed to subvert the monotonous world of corporate identity by bringing art back into commercial design. As a result we designed and illustrated a design vocabulary which feels cultured, and represents the multiple journeys Adno needed to take.

We have developed a design system influenced by the product patterns, features and style. This ensured that all brand touch points became a direct extension of the products.

We wanted to create a brand with the potential to reach a massive global audience through creating beautiful, original and, dare we say, disruptive content.


Design shapes culture and culture shapes values. We developed a design system that reflects the authentic individuals who resonate with the Adno values and spirit.

We gravitate towards people, or brands, with whom we share something - values, a view of the world or a shared spirit.

People want to be part of something. Not just the product, but the world it represents. In developing the visual language and strategy for Adno, our main focus was on creating an intimate connection with its potential global audience - a key ingredient in viral content.

When you’re running an e-commerce business you need a social media platform that is backed up by action. We connected the the dots between online conversations to generate serious growth by a solid creative direction.


Using a visual language to express your passion will align the audience perception with your reality.

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