The Studio

The studio is our second home, our place of worship for all we do.


Never formal and always fun, our door is always open to clients and friends. We take what we do very seriously but never take ourselves too seriously. We understand the need to deliver a brand promise, designing systems, experiences and journeys that are functional and focused on people whilst always harnessing new technologies. We work in teams - small teams of collaborators where skillsets merge and stories begin.


The Observatory’s roots are deep in design. We love design. It’s what makes us tick, makes us smile, cements our ideas, plans and execution. If it’s print, we understand the values and traditional rules, if it’s digital, we understand the journeys, if it’s design, we get it and love collaborative design exploring ideas always with intent.



Rationalising design, copywriting features and defining a brand all need words to clarify the story’s purpose. Words without pictures and pictures without words are always complemented by a good writer.



The studio’s production techniques are always rooted in pre-production, planning and storytelling. We produce everything from social content, commercial advertising, engaging brand films to viral campaigns. The  Studio has a quiver of kit with eye watering lenses, drones and 4K cameras. We service creative and conceptualising, online production, cinematography, direction, editing and sound design through to the final grade and authorisation.



Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the same room. The legacy, the future power of a good brand that grows over time and has flexibility in new trends and technologies, digitally and offline is a competency that we are proud of.



As problem solvers we bask in a challenge. Our mission is simple; to work with a strategic vision, ensuring the ROI is aligned from the beginning.



Designers and animators work side by side ensuring the motion graphics or animation are polished. Our post-production capabilities include typographic animation, promotional, compositing, CGI, product demos, brand content and segmented Social Media films.



Understanding the need for quality photography in a cluttered world to us is important. The Studio works alongside numerous photographers to ensure the briefs are delivered, the plans are in place, the casting and models are up-to-speed. Park that alongside brand knowledge and a wealth of media experience, and we can ensure that each capture is delivered and stories are effectively told.



We make functional design systems and create digital journeys through design, planning and technology. As a design-first studio we approach all web with a designer’s mind, translating user journeys into deep considerations of technologies, all beautifully delivered.


We talk a lot, work a lot, laugh a lot, have a lot of fun and work together as a team in a studio creating brands and experiences that make clients smile.